AMCON Group Egypt LTD., was established under the laws of Arab Republic of Egypt in 1974 as a marketing and consulting company it serves as a liaison office for International companies wishing to do business in Egypt and the Middle East. AMCON is widely known within both the Egyptian Military and civilian government circles for its technical expertise in marketing ability due to it highly qualified technical staff, its attention to business details and advanced programming. AMCON has been very successful in satisfying the needs of the Egyptian and the Middle East Markets.

AMCON Group Egypt LTD., operates on a very efficient and cost effective basis reducing the costs and time of importing products into Egypt. this reduction is substantially over the time and costs that would have been encountered by foreign companies, if such products had been imported without the assistance of AMCON. AMCON acts as the direct link between the produces of foreign products and the broad scope of needs of the local Egyptian and Middle East markets.